With a privileged location on the continent, all the environments of the tropics are present: glaciers, beaches, plains, rainforests, and deserts. In addition, Colombian will show a perfect blending of three cultures – Indian, European, and African. Different choices all around that will make you enjoy your holidays. Colombia has a valuable past in colonial architecture and culture that is preserved in many towns and villages. Over twelve cultures inhabited Colombian territory before the Spanish Conquest and left vestiges of the surprising level of development they had attained. Colombia is a modern nation, with an infrastructure that takes advantage of its natural resources and human capital. Travelling to Colombia and getting to know the fantastic destinations it offers to suit every preference is a fascinating experience.

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Country Info


The name of Colombia, is due to the considered discoverer of America called Christopher Columbus, however this was not the first European to step on Colombian soil, but his travel companion Alonso de Ojeda in the year 1499. During colonial times, Colombia along with other countries formed the so-called Viceroyalty of New Granada, and from its shores the Spanish brought large numbers of African slaves. It was until 1810 that Colombia achieved independence from the Spanish Empire thanks to a revolution led by the iconic character Simon Bolivar. During the 20th century, various sociopolitical changes were suffered, with a struggle between liberals and talkatives that was finally endorsed in 1957, but in the coming decades various counterrevolutionary groups would be formed as a result of issues such as inequality and ideological differences. Currently Colombia is a modern and democratic country, being the 5th largest economy in Latin America, and with a rich colonial architecture that remains mostly intact.


Colombian Peso


Colombia has become a benchmark for cultural diversity in South America, thanks to various ethnic groups that have shared traditions and culture together, to make this beautiful country a heterogeneous place. There are a total of 70 languages ​​that are currently spoken, however, Spanish is the official and main one, 69 of them are native to Colombia. You will not miss the opportunity to dance a Colombian cumbia or salsa, which are the most recognized musical genres in the country, in addition to the Colombian llanera music that has more romantic nuances, and that will not be lacking to accompany you in a romantic dinner next door. of the impressive Caribbean coast. It is considered one of the main sources of recognized literary authors such as Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Candelario Obeson, and many others who reflect Colombian landscapes and culture in their books. In short, if what you are looking for is, in addition to a tropical paradise, an extraordinary culture, Colombia must be in your plans.

Curious Facts

  • Coffee is called “tinto”.
  • 2nd most biodiverse country in the world.
  • Only country in South America with coastline on both oceans (Pacific and Atlantic).
  • Main country that exports emeralds.


The enormous biodiversity of Colombia makes it a unique destination, with special flora and fauna. The country has 10% of the world’s biodiversity, and a total of 51,000 types of flora and fauna species, and 300 types of ecosystems. Imagine visiting a river that has 5 different colors, this is unique in Colombia and can be found in “Cano Cristales”, in addition to having a large part of the Amazon forest in the south of the country. The national animal of Colombia, called “Andean Condor” is a prelude to many other species such as the emerald hummingbird, the tapir, the glass frog, among others. Colombia is definitely the country of nature and incomparable landscapes.


Known worldwide as “The land of coffee”, this is because Colombia produces some of the highest quality coffee in the world. It should be mentioned how unique and different Colombian food can be depending on the area of the country you visit, for example, on the Caribbean coast you can try a delicious “coconut rice”; In the center of the country you can eat a delicious “paisa tray” that you can see in the image. For dessert you cannot miss a delicious Colombian coffee accompanied by a sweet Colombian alfajor filled with dulce de leche, coconut and peanuts.


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