Belize is small country located in the Northern Hemisphere, within Central America, bounded on the North by Mexico, South and West by Guatemala, and the beautiful Caribbean Sea washes. An adventurer’s paradise, Belize is a peaceful, English-speaking country. Blessed with an outstanding archaeological heritage, contains a number of significant Maya archaeological sites, ancient cities, temples and sacred cave complexes. With limestone throughout much of the interior and a seasonal and a wet climate, caves are a common feature in the landscape of Belize. It definitely has a los to offer, with a mix of tropical forests rich with wildlife, majestic mountains, mysterious Maya temples, and diving and fishing experiences beyond comparison.

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"Paranda", traditional music from Belize

Paradise Beach

Lamanai Ruins

Country Info

Belize, formerly known as “British Honduras”, is a sovereign country located south of Mexico. This small territory was part of the British colony until 1981, when it achieved its independence. During the colonial era, the English took advantage of the rich woods and dyes they found, however there was a strong resistance from the Mayan people. After the great depression in 1930 that caused terrible consequences for the economy, various independence groups were formed, which allowed other events such as a hurricane in 1961 that forced the country’s capital to be moved to Belmopan, a gesture that today the country is, its political system being a constitutional monarchy, with Carlos III as its head of state, and with a prime minister appointed every 5 years.

The official language of Belize is English, however in the north Spanish is mostly used, and there is great influence from other languages such as Chinese, Mayan, and Arabic. The mixture between European, Creole and African descent makes Belize a multicultural destination, this is reflected in its traditional dances such as “Hunga-Hunga” and “Wanaragua”, dances from the “Garifuna”, a people product of the mixture of Arawaks , insular Caribs and black African slaves in the Antilles that the English deported from the island of San Vicente to Roatán in 1797. African drums are an essential part of their music, with rhythms such as reggae, brukdown, paranda, and many others that you can enjoy during the tour.

Half of Belize’s territory is made up of tropical jungle, and 80% of it is protected by government authorities, within which you can find animals such as iguanas, toucans, coatis, pumas, among others. Also, if you are looking to dive and snorkel, in Belize you will find the second largest coral reef in the world, which is why it is the perfect destination, with more than 500 species of fish, and 70 types of hard corals. Paradisic beaches and recognized worldwide as “Cayo Largo” await you, so you can live an unparalleled experience.

A combination of Mexican, Caribbean and European food makes the cuisine of Belize something special and unique. The “Garifunas” prepare a delicious cassava bread called “Ereba” which is based on grated cassava, you can also find stalls with tacos, tamales, pozole and many other foods linked to the Mayan culture on every corner. Seafood is also widely enjoyed, accompanied with rice, beans and plantains. Do not miss the opportunity to try the delicious dishes of the rich Belizean food.

Belize Dollar

Curious Facts

• The national animal is the “tapir” (It’s the one in the cover picture).
• It has a total of 103 protected wild areas.
• It has just 350,000 inhabitants.
• Madonna’s song “La Isla Bonita” is inspired in Cayo San Pedro, one of Belize’s islands.


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